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The Force Rescue Tool has all the features you need to make holes, cut, bend, lift, pull, support and break. All these functions are combined in a single rescue tool. It is easy to handle and easy to use. FORCE is a supplement to the rescuer's own muscle power, and has sometimes been called the third arm - the rescue arm. The rescuer is ready for action within seconds with the Force Rescue Tool.

The true value of this product besides the sheer quality of it, is that it is not dependent on working infrastructure when a catastrophe happens. It is a strong argument and we know from more than 45 years of selling the tool that it can be applied to lots of regions around the world. Many companies have over the years tried to copy the product, but with a weight of only 6 kg it can be carried as a personal tool by the rescue service and the steel quality in axe and claw is strong enough to be used over and over again.


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Advantages with Force 01 Rescue tool

Force 01 Rescue tool IFerno Norden Group

The work technique with Force 01 Rescue tool is the same no matter what type of rescue work: traffic, air, trains and sea incidents, explosions, earthquakes, fire, etc. Through practical training, you learn the versatility, capacity and your own ability to use the tool.
Force rescue tools are easy to handle, versatile, durable, with large capacity and do not require time-consuming tool changes.
The tool is made of hardened special steel, which is hard but still so solid that it will not shatter during rough handling even in severe cold.
Force Rescue tools have a wide range of applications, and here are some of them:
• Crushing of windows in all types of materials; wire-reinforced windows, plexiglass and safety glass, car windows etc.
• For makin/opening up holes
• Breaking roofs, car roofs, doors and metal plates
• Metal wire, ropes, cables, pipes etc.
• Spark-free opening of metal plates
• Force on wooden floors, boxes, walls etc.
• Scraping of soil, ice etc.
• Spool wheel tension
• Support - protection of victims
• Use as an anchor
• Rescue sling
Force Rescue Equipment consists of: Rescue tools (2 parts, ax and claw), rescue and conveyor belts and holder / stand.


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