Military rescue and evacuation equipment is characterized by its extra durability and ability to withstand tough and prolonged conditions. Additionally, it is crucial that the equipment is lightweight and holds the necessary certifications for military use. Ferno Military Systems offers a wide range of rescue equipment designed for frontline deployment in war zones. Our equipment is essential in CasEvac situations, enabling the transportation of injured soldiers back to safe zones for Medical evacuation. 

We provide all the necessary rescue solutions for saving lives in complex combat environments, including maritime, urban, and challenging forested areas. Our robust solutions are tailored for military MedEvac air and aviation transport, or tactical vehicle use in Medical Evacuation operations. When it comes to saving lives, every minute counts, and compromising on high-quality equipment is simply not an option. So please have a look at our military Casevac & Medevac below and please contact us should you have any questions. 


Litters and basket stretchers

Army edition sled

Aviation stretchers

Aviation litter

Stretcher transport system

Mattresses and splints

CasEvac and immobilization

CasEvac treatment

Litter support platforms

TCCC accessories

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