Sustainability work - and environmental objectives

Ferno Norden - our environmental objectives


Ferno Norden wants to be a driving force and an advisor for the green shift in the areas where we deliver product solutions. We want to contribute to achieving the UN's sustainability goals, and do what we can to achieve those goals together.

- We focus on working out solutions that involve reuse of materials, through suppliers and manufacturers that we already work closely with. We also work to ensure that our partners have the same focus on clear goals for and about sustainable production. By using quality products with a long service life, which can be reused or recycled in a good way, such as Ferno products, we reduce the amount of waste.

- We take social responsibility and are concerned with being an inclusive workplace. Our premises at Skoppum are energy efficient with geothermal heat and heat pumps, and in the future we want to improve solutions with solar panels and solar collectors to further streamline energy consumption. We will build and stabilize ourselves with a sustainable economy in the Ferno Norden Group. This will help us in our ability to prioritize the sustainability goals we have set ourselves - at the same time as we see that it provides value in itself.

- We are a company that conducts own transports in connection with customer visits, product presentation and product training. It is important for us to think about sustainability in transport needs, such as when using and exchanging company cars.

- We see the value of having a good and correct education, and focus on raising the employees in terms of knowledge, which is also important considering the importance of good competence in the areas of use our products are used.

- We at Ferno Norden are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified to ensure our work with, among other things, the environment and quality systems.

Our sustainability work

Our sustainability work follows and is based on the UN's Agenda 2030, which consists of 17 global goals for sustainable development that aim to eradicate poverty, stop climate change and create peaceful and secure societies. read more here!


We will make it possible for our employees to develop their own competence in what we produce and the products we deliver to our customers, as well as make it possible for our employees to develop and increase their general competence.


We challenge and facilitate that our employees are given work tasks that suit and challenge their competence. As a company, we will continue to grow and be financially sustainable to create a safe workplace for our employees, and we will be a sustainable supplier for our customers for many years.


We will facilitate that our employees can take part in the daily operations to create innovative products and services that we can offer our customers as a supplier. We want to be a driving force for a sustainable restructuring of the business community where we with an efficient use of resources and environmentally friendly technology and production contribute to making the business community more sustainable. With a high proportion of our own production and inventory at Skoppum, we can deliver directly from us to the end customer, and thus reduce the climate footprint.


We focus on ensuring that our materials can be recycled and reused. We strive to offer products where the largest possible proportion of materials used during production can be recycled, and we offer our customers a program where they can return the item to us for recycling and / or reuse. We set clear and unambiguous goals to reduce the amount of waste before, during and after production, and we strive to be a driving force for sustainable schemes for public procurement.


We at Ferno Norden know that we cannot achieve the sustainability goals alone, but if we - with our employees, partners, customers and suppliers work together to achieve the goals, we will contribute what we can. By setting clear and distinct requirements for our partners, customers and suppliers, while at the same time placing the spotlight on what we can do to contribute to achieving the goals, we do what we can.



Together-we can make a difference!

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